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Transform Your Life

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What would a stress-free life feel like?


It’s possible to: 

  • Wake up, connect and be present

  • Learn to enjoy your life - nourishing your body, mind, and spirit

  • Feel pleasure without feeling guilty

It may seem like everybody is an expert in nutrition nowadays.

Friends and family, magazines, social media and TV programs try to convince you to follow the best diet and to avoid or consume certain foods.


However, what you may not know is this - 

YOU are the real expert when it comes to your body. 

As we grow older we become disconnected from our bodies.

Have you noticed how babies stop eating when they are no longer hungry? Have you noticed how hungry you feel when you watch a commercial on TV showing people like you savoring delicious hamburgers with French fries and a cold soda?

This is what is happening:

Little by little, you learn to quiet or ignore your bodies’ messages while paying more attention and even obeying the messages of outsiders: our parents, classmates, friends, and the food industry. To the point that you become totally convinced that they know better, that the doctor knows better, that the famous artist knows better, that the real “experts” know better what your body needs.

Most of my clients wanted to be pretty and skinny, the best mother, the best student, the best wife, and the best professional or employee. In order to do this, they were eating fast food, sleeping less than 6 hours per night arguing that they would catch up during the weekends. This behavior towards food and their lack of sleep made them sick. One developed gastritis, another one had an ulcer, one more experienced fatigue all day so she started taking pills, coffee and coke to have more energy at work, to lose weight, and to sleep at night. Another one was so tired that her children suffered the consequences of having a mother who was exhausted, intolerant and always irritable.

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Work With Me

Can you relate to:

  • It’s very difficult to eat healthy foods within your budget?

  • Don’t know how to create balanced meals for yourself and your family that are not expensive and complicated to prepare?

  • Afraid to talk about your feelings with a professional?

  • You will never forgive yourself or another person?

  • Your purpose in life is only to take care of others?

  • There is never time to enjoy yourself and your dreams are unreachable?

  • Your life has no meaning and your goals do not come from inside but have been imposed from the outside, from society?

  • You don’t love your body as it is and have tried many different diets and treatments to modify it?

  • Stay in a relationship because you don’t know how to get out of it?

  • Feeling you are disorganized, unhappy and not good enough?

  • Feeling like an outsider, someone who doesn’t belong?

  • Discriminated because you look foreign, either for the color of your skin, your last name or your accent?

  • Feeling like your life is leaving you or that you are many yous: the good you, the bad you, the sad you, meaning you, the wild you, the compassionate you?

Working with me you can learn to overcome these feelings of confusion, guilt, low self-esteem and despair. Some of my clients have learned to see themselves from a different angle, from a more holistic perspective. They took actions to distinguish and later delete some toxic thoughts they had “entrenched” in their belief systems.


Some others moved away from unhealthy environments. Others are learning to understand, to listen and to love their bodies; to discover the beauty of their uniqueness; to become embedded, centered, happy and fulfilled. 


Many have learned to reduce their levels of stress, sleep more hours and to enjoy much better quality hours of sleep. Many are learning to say “no” without feeling guilty.


They are establishing boundaries and reconsidering or “re-writing” their life histories. How? By understanding that the way we see ourselves has a tremendous impact on the way we feel.


Learn what happens to our body-mind-spirit when

we learn to be present at all times.  

When we work together, we will look at all the factors impacting your life.  Not only the food you eat but how you eat, when you eat, your thinking and feeling when you eat. 

I help you develop a plan to be able to add more hours of good restful sleep (a crucial aid in your overall wellness). Together we brainstorm possibilities and strategies in order to have more time to enjoy and to get in bed earlier. 

You will learn how to delegate responsibilities so you have time to take that hot bubble bath, meditate, or read your favorite book. 

You will learn how to love yourself from the inside out, which will have a positive trickle-down effect on your whole life.

  • Private Consultations

    55 min

    150 US dollars


“I was living an inferno. My children did not respect me. My husband had lost several jobs because of drinking. I was responsible for everything, from bringing home the only family income to cleaning the house, dealing with an alcoholic husband and trying to educate children who thought I was not a good mother.  Doctora Laura helped me in many ways. First of all, listening without judging me. She asked me about my family of origin, drew and analyzed my family tree. She wanted me to see myself as a child living with my parents and grandparents in my hometown. She recommended some books and videos.I saw myself reflected in one of them, “Perfect Daughters” by Robert Ackerman. I understood why Adult Children of Alcoholics behave the same way generation after generation. I started to change because I accepted that I could not change others. I joined a gym close to home and I lost weight. Doctora Laura helped me develop a plan to move away from my house starting with some improvements I had to do before selling it. Two years later I feel like a new woman. My children are attending college and live together in another state. My husband returned to his country of origin and I moved to a small apartment close to my job. I am proud of myself more than ever!”

Maria from Atlanta, GA

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